Through home schooling my brood for a decade, I learned that charts help me a lot! I have made a lot of charts…trying to organise my tribe! Having a plan helps so much! I don’t always stick to the plan, but it sure helps to have one! Then I can come back and tweak it however I want-but having a starting point is good. I was in my prayer time this morning and the Lord spoke to me about some controlling tendencies I have!

As I prayed it through, I decided to make a chart for my kids instead of getting worried or trying to control their spiritual-or physical lives. Having them make their own choices-especially at their ages, is so much more meaningful than having me dictate, but they still need to have some organisation and reminding. I started with a plan and will allow each kid to tweak or change their charts if they find it helpful.

I thought some of you might also find it helpful so I’m going to try to attach it somehow. Just to give you a basic starting point, if you want to try using a chart. For some of my kids, I put the daily plans in a plastic sheet protector and they can write & wipe it off each day in an erasable marker.

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