stories about work

This is a section where I plan to put answers to prayers we’ve prayed that pertain to work.  My husband is a sculptor, who has not only been able to sculpt full-time as his only source of income, but also to provide for our large family, as the single earner.  As I work for him, my income comes out of what he makes sculpting.  We do not take this for granted.  The percentages of being a full-time artist who make a living at it are something in the ballpark of 1% of artists, so we are very thankful!  We’ve seen so many answers to prayers through running our own business!  Here are some of those stories!

I hope it encourages you to seek God’s will for your life and step out in faith!  When we trust Him, He usually leads us in some great adventures…far from selling our lives for a pay cheque and living for the weekend!

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