Stories: God speaks!

I have about 30 cards I carry around in the back of my Bible. On them, are a bunch of prayers I have prayed where God answered them or spoke to me! I still can hardly wrap my mind around the thought that the God who created this Universe loves me and is so interested in the things that happen to me, the direction of my life, the little worries, the big horrible times, the gaps when the money isn’t ready…the man He wants me to marry…that He wants to spend time with me, speaking and guiding and directing! I will work on putting some of those stories on here-because I believe He wants to do the same for each one of us!

The more we see of Him working, the more we believe He can! And the more we believe He can, the more we see! It’s an amazing cycle! Jump on! Ask Him to reveal Himself to you and He will-but usually not in the way you expect! Open up your Bible and start talking to Him about it!

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